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Welcome to Wood Enterprises. Owned and operated by Paul Wood. Paul has been interested in and owned gamefowl since growing up in Mesquite, Texas in the 1970's. At Kansas State University, he achieved the degree of B. S. in Poultry Science (Cum Laude) in 1985, was inducted into several university honor societies and named outstanding senior in Poultry Science his last year at school, all while running a small business & maintaining his flock of gamefowl 60 miles from school. Wood Gamecock Supply (later renamed Wood Enterprises) started out in Cedar Hill, Texas, and quickly moved to Cove, Arkansas in 1993, and continues to improve and expand its product line.

We supply hundreds of various gamefowl and backyard / pet chicken related items, Vitamins, Wormers, Medications, Medical Equipment, Tie Cords, Feed & Water Cups, Incubators, Books, T-Shirts and MUCH MORE. Please have a look around the site to find what you need. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 870-387-7611, from 8am to 5pm Monday - Thursday and 8am to 4pm on Fridays, we are closed on Saturday & Sunday.

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This website is still under construction. We have tried to make sure all prices and instructions are correct, but there still may be a few mistakes, so please bear with us if we have to contact you about a problem with your order because of mistakes or misunderstandings of instructions on the site. If there are any products you desire which are not listed on the site yet, please feel free to place an order at 870-387-7611. Fax 870-387-5563. Email

Thanks goes out to our many Filipino, Mexican and USA Territorial customers, where cockfighting is still legal and a great family sport. Without you, our lives here at Wood Enterprises would be much less fulfilling and possibly, financially in peril. But most of all, thanks goes out to our GOD, Father of Jesus the Christ, for blessing our lives with this great sport through His creation of the Gamecock, the earthly being with the most courageous fighting spirit. We should all look up to and emulate the cock in our fight against the lies of Satan, the Devil. Keep God on your side and be as game as your cocks when fighting against the evil one.

All products sold by Wood Enterprises are sold for legal usage only. No order will be filled that would cause us to knowingly aid in the violation of the "Animal Welfare Act of 1976".

Any act against this website or us which we believe is in violation of "anti animal-rights terrorism" laws will cause our legal representatives to take action immediately.